Garden on the top of hill

Do you see that tree on the top of the hill?
It lives in a garden there, tended by the sun it self
Garden upon which sun sends its last rays
Long after the valley down below is plunged into darkness
I stood in that garden once,
As I stood there catching the last sun rays,
The mellow orange evening fell on the garden too
But the warmness of the sun still lingered
And the night jasmine turned to its old sorcery
Intoxicated under its scent
The snakes were out
To drown themselves under the white shower of jasmine bloom
It was a night of celebration for them
For winter was about to end
As I stood there, the snakes went on to celebrate
Under the fallen white sheet of jasmine buds, they slithered and hissed
And it looked as if the green velvety grass,
Has turned to playing its dancing tricks
But then the dark valley below shivered in cold
and the last remnant of warm sun was shed away
From where I stood in the garden,
the night winds decided to sway the jasmine scent away.


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